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Laziness should not be rendered, and neither is the punishment of objection, procrastination or work theft. It is being said that this is the proper way of not giving excessive work to the unnecessary wastage of power, that the work should be continued in the middle of the work while continuing to slow down. For which there is no facility to take a nap between them, they can be tired of being close to the eyes for a while and keeping the body relaxed while remaining lying on the free chair. If the old man is lying down, then he can get the benefit of working without much work.

The mind should be kept the light in every situation. Emotions spend a lot of brain power flying in the flight of fantasies. Philosopher, thinker, intellectuals, who do not have the ability to control their brain, die only due to excessive cerebral tension due to bad times. The timid wandering person, worried about anxiety, fury, strife, and grief, walk on the path of suicide in a way and die of starvation due to stressful diseases.

We must understand the importance of labor. Taking the proper work from the brain should reach the peak of successes, but it should not be forgotten that laboring in an astronomical situation is not helpful in achieving success and not keeping the health stable.

The importance of nutritious food is understood by the people. And ‘Vitamin’ ” tonics’, but this fact has been forgotten that the power of unnecessary wastage of power is not possible for proper arrangement of relaxation. Many people make arrangements for the rest of the body. Lack of temperament and lack of responsibility have also been seen in time spent spoiling and roaring. It is not relaxing. The need to relax is to understand the importance of work – the dignity of labor, which is knowledge. These rows are being written for them. Lazy people can only be told to increase their activity.

To relax the brain – make a habit of laughing, smiling, cheerful and delightful mind. If there is a problem in front of the difficulties then this practice is even more needed. If the mental equilibrium is lost during the time of trouble and if the bereaved person is confused with anger, then the right way to overcome that objection will not help. The nervous person only distorts his thinking machine. Makes a wrong or incomplete decision. There is nothing in the rush to do anything. In such a situation, adversity increases even more.

The best way to cross the tough times is the stability of mental equilibrium. It should be said to have a kind of relaxation method to lighten the cerebral pressure. Laughing can be easily cut off on the day of trouble. A man with a delusional nature, who has a delusional nature, makes half-objection only through a good nature. This statement is absolutely true that the difficulty is not frightened by the difficulty. The difficulty is afraid. Deeper-mind is the source of much more power than the body. If he is not exhausted with constant labor, he will do more and more correct work. Similarly, it should be protected from the stress of anxiety. By maintaining a balanced state of balance and non-stress, more bits of intelligence can be easily availed by the benefit of far-sighted and self-centered progressiveness.

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