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The famous player Konyemaq used to say that when he had to play without sleeping in the afternoon, he lost it. But when he took a little sleep in the middle, he played with full vigilance and freshness and won well. This arrangement was also connected in the life of Gandhi. They went to Vasari to meet Lord Irwin. When he reached 15 minutes ago, he spent that extra time in taking a nap. Scientist Edison too had a similar habit.

He did many inventions of Gramophone power etc. He was always busy in contemplation, but he never forgot the point of resting the brain at the time. During the day, not only at night, he used to get freshness in the middle of the day. The time of rest is not a waste, but there is a scientific method of accumulating more power to do more work. It should be used by each person according to their own situation and convenience. Individuals with very young age should take more care of them.

Mr. Churchill was always very diligent and perseverant, but at the time of the Second War, he had to work a lot. Those days he was the British Prime Minister Age seventy years with the extraordinary pressure of war, it became necessary for him to work for 16 hours. Without this, the operation of the war and the resolution of countless timely problems was not possible in less time. If an old man of seventy years is doing such a work in a state of excitement, then it is not possible to stay alive for a week. Mr. Churchill worked with farsightedness. They kept working with full responsibility, but also kept in mind the necessary restoration of the body’s power and balance to balance the mind.

Churchill should remain in bed and lie in bed until 11 o’clock having read letters, writing answers, telephone calls etc. Very important meetings were also called by him to lie down in his house and make the necessary decisions in them. After mid-day meal, he would sleep one hour. They take an hour and a day before dinner. While working hard, he took full care of giving necessary relaxation to the body.

The brain used to work continuously, but the fear of panic, anxiety, panic, distraction etc. would not let the terror of the passengers ride for even a moment. They knew that as much as tired of working for ten hours, more power is destroyed in half-hour mental disorder. Whatever the right thing to do with the right mind should be to maintain mental balance in every condition and should not be disturbed even when it comes with great difficulty.

The richest person in the world, Rockefeller, for 98 years, growing away from poverty, there was a lot of effort, labor and struggle to become an oil emperor. Such hard work usually takes away the man’s scary and such very busy and multi-party people go into the mouth of death only in a short time. But the unique and lonely example of Rockefeller is to live such a long life for this situation. It all happened unintentionally.

He found such a long and healthy life by keeping his routine organized. Rockefeller slept half an hour regularly in the afternoon. While working in the office, he would fall asleep on the coach. Do not allow any disruption to it. Even if necessary, his instructions were that he should not wake up from sleeping. America’s President Roosevelt remained in full swing for twelve years, his order was that half a month before starting any important work Even if the hour did not come to sleep, eyes would have been used to cheaply.

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