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Human life has been considered as greatest grant of God. It has been said that gods also crave birth on this earth because this is workplace. Only through karma can one attain salvation of man, liberation and liberation. Karma only has power to lift and up. Path to success of human birth and making it worthwhile is that human beings continue to live a life of empowerment. Indoor life has been considered as a great curse in world. In this way, deceptive, lazy, dishonest person, people of world, do not even consider deity to be worthy of his grace, and it always keeps crying for unfortunate, God’s adversity.

Those who live a life of being apart from karma, are really big fortunate. They are like a fool who shoots himself in his own feet or even after finding a precious gemstone, he does not understand his value. It means that person who does not make his life meaningful by good deeds, it is only a matter of taking birth. Other diseases only make one part of human beings unusable for a while, but lazy diseases make whole body unusable forever. It does not destroy wealth, property, industry, but man’s virtues thrive in success and happiness. Foolish person adopts laziness by imagining happiness and comfort, thinking that workload will leave life to be happy, but it makes him such a rootless and weak that others seem to neglect it altogether, some From time to time, itself seems to be a lifelong self.

With nature of laziness, man tries to avoid work and different kinds of excuses for his find. He renounces useful things and begins to do nonsensical things like chanting, chanting long things, keeping imagination of head and feet. Considering living in a world of fantasy and imagining fantasies as real, eating sweets of mind. But when hunger of mind of someone is hungry? As he progresses in fantasy world, he becomes deprived of reality. Therefore, happiness keeps on drowning in waves of suffering. Sometimes he gets bigger and bigger in success with a happy and successful dream, and he starts crying, fear of disease, mourning, and objection. In this way, except for karma, it flies in sky as ever as straw that flies in air and sometimes falls into pit. It does not have any existence of its own, way circumstances push away, it has to be rolled down.

Man’s condition becomes pitiable due to this kind of life being used for a long time. It is attacked by inertia on mental basis which leads to lack of enthusiasm and courage, the mind becomes dull, the intellect becomes impaired, and the mental powers start getting impaired. Exercise and physical exercise, without any diligence, decrease the hands and feet, digestion power decreases, causing the blood to become weak and the entire body becomes more vulnerable. In such a situation, invasion of various diseases is inherently invasive and combined with mental depression, their appearance becomes even worse. Due to the lazy nature, it becomes less timid and timid, fearful of the invasion of diseases, its crying, destiny and festivity also increases. He thus wants to get people’s sympathy, help, but people see that he has created his own condition and wants to earn Haram, he keeps on expecting it.

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