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Share your possessions and share the troubles of others. This is their nature. What is the nature keep giving, what do you mean. Giving it means, if they have something, they keep sharing and sharing the problems of people. We have a fever, we are sick, O God! Remove our fever Do not do that, this thing is different; But your belief is not that, you will share your grief. Will overcome your problem. He will fix your difficulties and if he has any knowledge, then he will give you knowledge. God is a god because of these two reasons. On the one hand, if they have any glory, they share a lot with ease. You have seen the fun of eating and sharing all, who lives alone, keeps on sinning. The person who keeps on storing cows alone, that person keeps on sinning. The person who wants happiness alone, that person keeps sinning. That is why we have a system of joint family here. All will get together and eat, they will be together, they will eat mills.

Earning is the only one who eats, shares everything. There is a child, someone is sick, some old man. Just, this is a family affair with the validity of universal unification. What is the recognition of Self-respecting what is self-centered universal? There is only one, you become a part of the troubles of others – share your facilities on one hand. Gaya has become a self-respecting all-rounder and has become unification.
All these principles are maintained in this manner. That is why in your work practice and in your contemplation, it should be linked to the way in which we will be sharing and how we will deal with the troubles of others. That is why you have limited yourself, the narrow self which you have limited in the manner of the good frog. Then you will make him big. All of you will become, all will be yours.

You will become divine. Heaven will come for you. If you cannot buy this paradise, and you will be very small, you will remain a Jalal man and you will be very small, fastening the boundaries, fasting your own food, wear your own clothes, your own money, your own son, your own country. The souls who live in hell, who suffer the pain, will suffer from all these tortures in a mental sense. It is okay with physical eyesight, it may happen that you collect food items, collect some money, but you will be sad. What should you do?

One more job should be done. which one? The player should live life. The life of the player you live. Players also lose and even win. The team keeps playing. Lost, it was lost what is defeat? No wrinkle on the face. Do not let you wrinkle your face. By worrying about worries and troubles, doubts, and fears of the future, your heart stays at all times. Keep calm, stay laugh, smile, stay smiling You will be laughing and smiling, you will be assured, then live like a player, then you will live. Then, I will call you a god. This is the drama, you are its character. You have to make a play in the world. You make a show of nuts Let people entertain But, be assured that you keep your mindset in the way of King Janak. Then, I will call you a resident in heaven.

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