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Whether it is temporal or supernatural, whatever glory, wealth and success are seen, they can be attained only on the basis of hard work. Property, glory, or reverence, all three accomplishments are received only on the strength of books. This is the reason why someone’s talent is introduced only when he appears to be doing a good job in that direction. Otherwise, the talent of the talent is buried like a fire in the absence of conflict. Press of Bombay is famous for its prestigious and artistic printing in India these days. This fame is from that time, whereas names in big cities were not presses. It is difficult to assess the property and development of this press and it is surprising that knowing how a lonely person laid its foundation so deep.

What is more, amazement than this is that the founders of this press had come to Bombay in search of Rosie from Marwar? Then they had neither talent nor money. Apart from the clothes worn on the body, they did not have anything. For the sake of livelihood, he got a job as a bookseller. By working hard day and night, they keep working and sell books. At the same time, they determined their destination and they used to take great financial and gathering a couple of money each to get it.

People began to recognize the young man who sold books on the shoulder and started buying books from most of them. This gradually the new young man became a good bookseller. Having worked tirelessly in his shop, he worked so much that he started selling big books and even started publishing some books. In this work, the said young man worked so hard that he got a good publisher’s talent awake. He took courage on his hard work and gradually developed so much that the Venkateshwara Press of Bombay is still singing the saga of his hard work and his success.

Not only the owner of Venkateswara Press but also Tata, Bata, Birla, etc. From where the current development phase started, the inevitable hard work has been hidden in the foundation. Jamshedji Nosherwan Tata had to come to Bombay, leaving his ancestral home in search of Roti in childhood with his father in childhood and there was a rate hike. But he never stole from labor and on the basis of that, he gradually developed talent in them so that he established such a long broad business. Their descendants also followed this industrious tradition to pursue their industrial sector.

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