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Defeating any failure or adversity is to lose life’s stakes. Once a loser loses the mind of a man, his enthusiasm gets corrupted and becomes turbulent. Do not even let this cowardly instinct touch you. The beauty of humanity is defeat and defeat, it is in failing. The person who grows in the middle of the crisis and struggles moves forward in life, his life gets transformed and transformed. Do not know how many physiological flaws and mental stomachs are solved by rubbing spontaneously. Crises and failures teach new experiences and new lessons to humans. Fear of them does not adorn the superior creatures like humans.

By presenting bright examples by promoting any moral, spiritual, religious, socio-economic or political sphere of life with unwavering passion and truth. Motivate them so that they understand these values in life by understanding the value of hard work and happiness and honesty, passion and enthusiasm so that their backwardness should be removed and they become the officials of happiness and happiness as an advanced person.

Another thing to note in this sequence is that physical and mental strength is spent in working. For its fulfillment, where suitable food, water, clean air is required, there is a similar need for ‘relaxation’ to eradicate fatigue. To keep the body active and the brain active, it is necessary to ‘rest’ in order to regenerate the life force that is required. It is a well-known and easy way to regain spent power.

It is good to keep working hard constantly, to be a little sluggish in the middle and then to work. From the whole point of view, it seems that the mediocre resting time is gone, but the real thing is not so. A little relaxation can be done with more enthusiasm and more diligence. It is also convenient to relax in the middle rather than continuing to work, and also increases the amount of work.

In the anatomy, it seems that the activities of blood circulation, breathing, and breathing are continuous but it does not really matter. Every organ is taking a special rest in between and middle, then its continuous working method continues to remain intact. Take the heart, he beats about 70 times per minute. But in his action of throwing blood, he keeps on taking a lot of rest according to the prescribed arrangement. On account of this, it becomes clear that the heart works only nine hours in twenty-four hours and lasts for 15 hours. If he does not do this, then whatever work he needs to do every day, cannot be possible. He has to throw a lot of blood every day so that a tanker of the train gets filled. It generates as much power as twenty tons of iron is necessary for up to three feet high lift cranes. A secret of the ability to do this work every day for a lifetime can be understood as one of its midterm relaxation legislation.

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