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People now believe that shoes made of Bata can last for more days. Thus the situation came one day that people began to rely on shoes to repair shoes. There was an abundance of work. Nevertheless, there was no weakness in Bata that people used to rely on shoes to repair shoes. There was an abundance of work. Yet, there was no weakness in Bata that she started giving up to people by doing inverted work to earn more money. Because on the basis of honesty and integrity he had the goodwill of the citizens, it was foolish to give up the basis of progress.

Gradually, he got so much work done to sit there by sitting on the road could be impossible the diagnosis he started searching for a shop. Due to goodwill, he did not have time to get the position. Because the people themselves were interested in it that Bata would start the work of shoes right now so that the problem of good and strong shoes can be solved.

Bata made new shoes in a small shop and shoes duly started the repair. The work went on increasing and the wings were progressing day by day. He also hired other boys of his kind and thus started a small shoe factory. There was no difficulty in relation to money. Some money saved himself by the virtue of his frugality and gathered a lot of money and evidence of his honesty and creative instincts. In this way, slowly progressing, the guy wearing a simple shoe becomes a great industrialist and his small task is changing to a big company and serving the world.

It is seen that thousands of People want to make progress in life but finds that the floor is removed as much as they wish. The number of seekers wanting in millions is not in millions and everybody wants to do better on the day ahead, but today’s day lasts and tomorrow’s day starts, it seems that where we are, we cannot move forward. If there are resources in the near future, there will be opportunities in the front and the people with the support of the people are deprived of progress. What is the reason for this? The answer is the same – all the qualities needed to make progress, even if the person is in the absence of hard work, the effort has not been made sincerely for progress.

Any number of persons selected in the world has made progress. They had talent, they had such a competency that they could move forward. Yet he did not wait for such occasions in his life, in which he could earn the support of a further person. In the end, they accepted this fact and gave guidance to the ambitious persons that hard work is the father of talent, a talent we have millions, in qualification, we are not less than anyone, but if we do not have any such thing as diligence, Will not be able to grow.

To illustrate the importance of diligence, an example of that stone is given everywhere that is lying on the well and the marks are scraped by the rope ruby. It is an indication of the principle that without hard work, there is no respect for talent. It is like the children of love, who do not like to listen to any discussion, even if they are discussed, people still believe by saying that life is there in it. If there is talent then why does not he bring it in front of him?

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