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US President Abraham Lincoln had the power to work harder than talent, and with the help of the same force cut wood in the woods, carry out the city and sell it through the mile walks and make it possible to make progress like reading and returning. Apart from this, the number of failures that Lincoln had to face in his life could not be seen even in his normal life.

But Lincoln did not give up and he lost his necklace but did not turn his face away from the man’s efforts and finally succeeded in achieving his goal. Talent is unable and unable to work hard. There is no compulsion that there is a talent to work with diligence. In the absence of talent, the goal can be reached on the strength of labor and happiness, but without hard work, talent is not able to do anything.

Therefore, every person should be seen before the emergence of the ambitious person, that the labor required for high climbing should be developed in our personality, then it must be developed and if there is any, then it should be enhanced. On this basis, ambitions can be fulfilled on others and on no basis. It has been the root cause of every person’s elevation and will not be given opportunity to keep examples open.

Those who complain about not having an opportunity to put forward the examples should be asked, what kind of resources were initially available to Tata, Birla, with which they could prosper These examples will stop their complaint and give them opportunity to believe in passion, manhood and truth, and if they have a genuine desire to progress in their hearts If they have any instrument content, they should continue to grow their passion, enthusiasm, and continuous growth, if they have great and great men in world. It has been ambition of once the objective he has fixed, then do not get distracted from his lifetime, even if the mountains of calamities cannot be broken. Whoever neglects his life with his purpose, he certainly achieves his goal.

No obstacle, no obstacle, can obstruct their speed. If we take the unanimous confidence in the accomplishment of our work, do not let the hope and enthusiasm diminish, do not give importance to failure and constraints then decide only our husbands will succeed. Our optimism will help us to continue progressing further. Our sacred feeling towards the goal will continue to increase our morale and our ability to work and abilities. A small principle of life is that the ability to work and abilities increases work.

There is a power of miracles in the art of continuousness. There have been thousands of such scholars in the world who have not seen the door of the school in the name of education but they have been trained on basis of their studies and diligence. How many big objections or failures Do not let the moral fall down; Do not let your hopes fall down – Surely the light comes after darkness, success will come after failure. If by mistake you also promoted frustration a moment, then understand that the future work will be fourfold, or the success of the back will also get dim.

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