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Living in a mood is a sign of inferiority not only from a mental defect. The body of his body will remain very clean. Who can’t keep his cleaning, can he help others, help? In such a person, idleness, disadvantage, embarrassment, despair, disorder, ligaments, abdominal disorders etc. often occur. How can such a person get the hope of progress and advancement from such a person? He is unfamiliar with the true happiness of life, only the burden of life gets accustomed. Even around this, priceless gift of God has dispersed which other people become happy and prosperous, but such screw people will be constantly hungry-just as according to word ‘thrust’ in water. They treat others as guilty for their misdemeanors, but in reality, their lazy nature and moodiness are reasons for their downfall and misery.

Some people link sexism to poverty. They say that we have so much money, not just the means that we can stay clean. But in this statement, there really is no truth. It is simply an excuse to say that cleaning, cleaning, and sanitation in poverty. If you look around, you will find hundreds of poor people at home forever while many rich people say that contents of house are left unsettled and the scum of cigarettes, leaf peak etc. is spreading.

The majority of the poor are physically clean from the physical point of view, while many luxurious wealthy people wear clothes even if they are good, they are very messy in eyes of cleanliness. There is no doubt that cleanliness and cleanliness are on the state of mind. If he does not want to be lazy, he can stay away from the filth in every condition. Such a person can do some good to himself and others. The lazy and indolent men are the burdens of the world, who want to rest on others’ diligence.

Disability, disease, inability, etc., world is full of people crying because of crisis of unemployment. Not only this, even after getting a strong and useful thing like a healthy body, you also cry for misfortune. What is a matter of shame? If the lacked and disadvantaged people can also achieve remarkable successes, then why should a well-educated healthy new man be uneasy for unemployment, unemployment, and failure? If you have the courage to wake up, and if you become determined to go ahead with the same situation then there is no such circumstance for the problem in the world.

There is no place for compulsion in the creation of God. Every difficulty can be won from labor and happiness. An inborn patient, born in a poor house, was notorious, the helpless child made a definite goal and stayed in it. The goal was to prepare the English word fund. Could it be feared that someone has been his secretary or aide, who has helped him? There is no such thing His wife was able to cooperate by giving the same amount of bread water that was the only cooperation. After the preparation of the fund, those who had dispelled him neglected him, afterward, he had heartfelt respect. This was famous scholar Johnson. The scholars picked them up on the head and they were regarded as unique scholars of the English language. The government has imposed a huge pension for the whole of life in the pursuit of their work. Seeing Samuel Johnson, he got up from the bottom and reached the summit.

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