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Theft of a car can happen at any time and place, with presence or absence of driver and probability statistics is increasing.
To avoid a bad time for you and yours, you can know in depth modalities of car theft in your country. Keep in mind that criminals are always attentive to any oversight in order to carry out their misdeeds. So we leave you with this list of tips and recommendations to avoid vehicle theft. With these tips you can also cut insurance premium

1. Make sure you do not leave your parked car blocking exit of a stranger. Every time it is more usual than in public places between a person warning that you must move car and when leave you are surprised with news that “this is a robbery”.
2. If you are thinking about selling your car, one of recommendations to avoid vehicle theft is that you do not lend it to potential customers to test it and that you always show vehicle in company of a trusted person plus in a place where there is a lot of traffic of people
3. If you are informed from outside of car that tire is damaged or car is on fire, drive to place you consider most safe to check status of car. Surprisingly, this type of robberies occur at any time of day and by fairly busy routes.
4. Contrary to previous case, following recommendation to avoid theft of vehicles is for those who drive on routes and schedules with little traffic. If late car collides with you at night, with little circulation of cars or pedestrians, we suggest you go ahead plus check status of car when you arrive at your destination. There is a high probability of being a victim, at least, of theft of car.
5. No matter where you park your vehicle, avoid leaving valuables in vehicle’s chairs or in visible places as this is very attractive to thieves.
6. Pay close attention to your surroundings before opening garage to park or take out your vehicle. If you observe suspicious people, it is better to wait a while or call police if necessary.
7. Another recommendation to avoid car theft is that if we throw an egg at car’s windshield, do not activate system to clean it. Keep calm and accelerate, because what thief expects is that you lose visibility and stop to be able to carry out crime. Although this is most usual, they can throw you any substance or object, always waiting for you to stop plus get off to solve problem.
8. If your vehicle has an alarm system, use it. If you do not have one, we recommend that you think about installing one, since loud sounds generated by alarm can make thief desist from theft and leave.
9. Always check side mirrors plus glass at back of vehicle. It is increasingly common to stick papers or move it to stop you. There is also a report that assailants stick jars or objects that generate noise, waiting for you to stop to verify what happens. Do not do it!.
10. There is also method of stealing parts of your vehicle to be sold. That is why authorities recommend marking some pieces to prevent thieves from selling them and thus reduce theft.

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