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Such a person seems to fall from a spiritual point of view because laziness is an important symbol of short-gun. Other defects – mental, moral or character degeneration happens but in the work, anger, and greed, persistence still persists. The right person, the person with bad behavior, keeps on retorting, doing his work only for his own tendencies. But the lazy becomes the root and the hope of his salvation goes away. In this regard, a servant of Swami Vivekananda has special education. Servant used to work in his helpless ashram, but was very lazy in his nature.

Due to this misfortune, even after a large part of the age was spent, he was lying in infirmity, sometimes he would say to Swami, ‘Lord!’ You show salvation to the world, the path of liberation, I am your dispatch, tell me a solution to improve my condition. Swamiji would reply to him- you give up idleness! If a good work does not get done then get involved in stealing, bribery, cheating, but if you leave laziness then you will be saved. ‘This statement meant that in the person trapped in the clutches of evil proportions, nothing else would be alive.

Like idleness, unemployment also results in man to do. The mind whose mind is empty will think only a few drafts and will do the same. Nowadays unemployment also arises due to the disorder of industry, but one of the reasons is that people want to do light work without doing work of hard work. Instead of working hard, they prefer to work in chair instead. If a man does not take care of insult or shortness in doing some sort of small things, and when the work gets done with full dedication, then unemployment can never be born. There is no shortage of man’s personality, it is possible only if there is no big job, no work of lesser work and more salaries, and without a lathe, it is possible only when a man is unleashing his pursuit with unemployment and then in time when there is an opportunity, he can get a better job as well.

Like laziness, dirtiness is also a stigma for man and it is destructive. It is such a defect that by which man becomes a character of blasphemy and people start hating him. One cause of dirt is laziness and the other is nature of negligence and dirty living. It takes time and hard work to clean the house of clothes. Those who fall into a habit of inadequacy and become a doodle, they remain lazy and dirty. There is a saying that ‘The dog also sits with the tail wherever he sits.’

But there is no shortage of people called a man who does not keep his private house confused but leave him even when he sits. If such a person lives in flowing then he gets a lot of garbage, if he passes in a meal, then spit, peak, nose etc. go to the rail, then make him unable to sit with the water and peels. Give up. Such people keep such stereotypes in the drains to see the tents of children that it is difficult to use them for some time at a time. Such people do not even experience dirt, nor do they feel any shame in themselves. Many of these clothes are very fond of clothes and glitter, but they never get the attention of keeping their surroundings clean where they live.

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